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This is just a test post, to see if comments are turned back on.

This is a test

Is anyone still here?  If so, could you tell me where to find a pattern to knit this exact hat?

We Bought A Zoo


Fantasy Vacation – Day 3

I’m on day 3 of my fantasy vacation and it’s awesome.  My fantasy?  That I am retired.

Day one was spent running errands.  I bought a new lampshade, replaced the switch in the lamp, bought a new bathroom rug, and went to numerous kitchen remodel places to look at cabinets, countertops, flooring, doors and etc.

Day two was spent discussing said cabinets, countertops, flooring, doors and other remodel topics with Sean.  I think we made progress in that we were able to decided about what we wanted, in two different price level scenarios.  Now what?  I don’t know.  My brain hurts from thinking about it.  I also made pizza, and ice cream and went grocery shopping.

Today, Sean is going to a baseball game, and I’m getting a pedicure.   Tomorrow we’re going to San Francisco, and then Friday I’m having lunch in Stockton with my BFF, whom I haven’t see for about 8 or 9 years. 

Then, it’s just a regular weekend and back to work. 

I always think with a whole week off I’m going to get a lot of organizing and cleaning done, but then I never feel like doing it.  Yet I yearn to be organized and uncluttered, free of junk I don’t use and clothes I don’t wear.  Somehow I’ve got to fit that in this weekend.

That’s it for now…hope you’re having a gret Wednesday!

Hey hi..hello…it’s been a while!


Isn't he cute?

So, anyway.

I just altogether stopped blogging when I got on the Facebook.  It’s so much easier just to write those obscure one-line status updates.

Then, I couldn’t really remember how to log in here and make a post, so that became a challenge.  Obviously I overcame it.  But for what?  I am so boring.

I work, I relax, I occasionally walk the dogs but I barely do anything else.  I haven’t knit in forever. 

Tomorrow is my birthday, and for the first time in about 17 years I did not take the day off.  Circumstances conspired against me this year.  My boss and co-workers took me out to lunch today to celebrate, so my birthday week has officially started.

If everything goes well, I’m taking next week off work.  I plan to get a pedicure at some point, and maybe take a day trip somewhere. 

On Saturday, Sean and I will have been married 1 year!  Yay!

Nothing else of note.  I haven’t made any bagels for awhile, but I have been making some kick-ass pizza dough!

Bagel making continues

I know you’re probably tired of hearing it, but the bagels are such a success!  Yesterday, Sean made Jalapeno bagels, and made half of them jalapeno SALT bagels.  Toast one of those babies, and add cream cheese and what do you have?  Jalapeno Poppers!  So awesome.

Beautiful day today, didn’t do much.  Ate bagels, went to the Library and grocery store, walked the dogs, made taco casserole (not bad…) and now relaxing on the couch with a glass of 2006 Castle Rock Pino Noir, my current fave. Speaking of the Library, my current AudioBook is The God of Animals: A Noveland wow, what a heartbreaking story.  It is riviting, but so, so sad.  Very few books make me cry and this one has, several times.

Someday I hope to knit again.  I did start on a project that has been languishing, but as I entered the decrease for the neck phase, I realized that no matter what I did, it wasn’t getting smaller.  So, mistakes were made somewhere.  Then I tried it on and the sleeves were too darn short.  So.  I ripped it out to where the arms join up and am know starting over from that point. 

Maybe I’ll start on it again tomorrow night.  Right now I’m feeling like I really need to just relax.  I’m just a bundle of nerves for some reason, and I’ve got a headache. 

And also, I’m starting to really want to make candles.  It’s irrational, but there it is.

Mr. Jackson

Driving to work yesterday, I saw a dog limping across the a busy street.   When I saw he had a collar and tags on, I knew I couldn’t just drive by.  I usually do, but this time I knew I could probably find his owners. 

I did a quick u-turn, and by the time I got to him there were three people already there to help.  One was a guy just walking down the street, and there were two women, each on the phone.  One was calling Animal Control, and the other was calling the number on Jackson’s tags. 

The guy said he couldn’t wait, made sure one of us would take care of Jackson and went on his way.  One woman was pregnant and said she couldn’t get Jackson in and out of her car with his leg.  The other woman decided we had a handle on it, and also left, making sure one of us would help .

I had already decided that I was taking Jackson straight to the Emergency Vet, paying for whatever he needed and adopting him as a third dog if I couldn’t find another home for him (Kris and Rich).  He was adorable, a chocolate lab color, but with the light blue eyes that come from the merle gene.  He was handsome and well mannered. 

So with that, I loaded him in the car and drove to the Vet’s office.  As it turns out he was chipped (although the chip wasn’t registered) and when they did a reverse lookup on his tag phone number, they found out the owner was one of their clients.  They called his cell phone and it was all arranged for him to come get Jackson that afternoon.  A happy ending!  It made me feel good all day.

Victory! (mostly)

Now with more bagely flavor

Now with more bagely flavor

It’s all bagels, all the time here at happygoodluck.  Here’s what a little recipe from Cooks Illustrated can do for you.

I made my own high gluten flour by useing 4 cups of bread flour, and enhancing it with 8 teaspoons of gluten. I also added about a tablespoon of molasses in place of the Malt Barley Syrup.  I actually made sure I did not kill the yeast by using too warm water, and let the KitchenAid do it’s job of kneading.  I also let them sit overnight in the ‘fridge.  I think this is the part they call proofing the dough.  (Jonelle? Julie?)

These bagels are 100 times better than my first batch.  My only complaint is that you can’t double the recipe. 

This is the most success I’ve ever had making any type of bread product.  Yay!

Today is a holiday and I’ve had an excellent 4-day weekend, despite the fact that my hair is ruined and I hate my new haircut.

Dialing it in

Blueberry, sort of.

Blueberry, sort of.

It just so happened that yesterday became convenient to take off from work.  I worked about an hour from home in the morning and then the day was mine.  A four day weekend!

I celebrated by trying to make bagels again.

This time, I used a different recipe and had  a modicrum of success.  Texture is ok, but the flavor is really lacking.  What is the secret ingredient I am missing?  Next time I’m going to try adding Malt Barley Syrup, which one recipe had in it that others didn’t.

Then I called and got an appointment for a haircut.  Score! (Although results have yet to be determined.  My haircuts have been sketchy lately and this one…feels strange on my head. Weird huh?)

Then Sean suggested we go out and see some bands at  Old Ironsides.  An excellent suggestion. 

Kate Gaffney opened and performed one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen, ever.  The band was  tight, professional, the sound was good…it just worked.   Guitarist Steve Randall was awesome as usual, and the music was so enriched by Melissa Olsen’s keyboards and backing vocals.  If you get a chance, check them out.  The second band, The Regulars, were not my cup of tea, but I did love Mason’s bass playing.  And Tattooed Love Dogs… well I love them.  They’re my favorite band and can do no wrong, even if they had a slightly off night.

All in all a great day!

FAIL! (mostly)

Today, inspired by this post on worldofjulie.com, I decided that I, the owner of a brand new KitchenAid mixer, could make bagles and it would be really cool!   To my knowlege, since Bagful of Bagels closed, there is just nowhere to get a good bagel.

So, armed with a  set of fliker photos with instructions on how to use your mixer to make bagels I started out.  It seemed pretty easy.

After 45 minutes of mixing, I still did not have the described ball of dough.  It looked like this:

 At thi point I figured I really had nothing to lose, so I just started randomly adding gluten and bread flour.  And more gluten.  More gluten. Some bread flour.  A little more flour. More gluten.  Pretty soon I actually had a ball of dough, so I continued with the recipe, such that it was.  I shaped them, as best as I could with the stickyness.  Then boiled them (for too long it seems) and then baked them.

The entire process took 4 hours.  I KNOW!  Here’s the result:

More Fail
More Fail

If you look closely, you can see where there are uncooked middles, and they are just not that good.  However, Sean said he liked them, even with their problems, and I did eat two of them with cream cheese.  I now feel like I have rocks in my tummy.

Other than that, my weekend is basically over.  I still need to vacuum, but that’s it.  Walk the dogs, maybe. And then think about dinner.  All I’ve eaten today is bread and cookies, and so now I’m craving something good for me.



Ok, so, back to the mixer decision

Today I  made cookies, and my mixer just would not help.  I’m afraid it’s useful life is over.  Of course I was able to mix everything by hand, but you know what?  When I’m 80, I’m still going to want cookies and I probably won’t have the strength.  So I finally made the decision to buy.

I decided on white, because I just couldn’t see paying any more money just for a color.  I think I might flame it in the near future.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

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