FAIL! (mostly)

Today, inspired by this post on worldofjulie.com, I decided that I, the owner of a brand new KitchenAid mixer, could make bagles and it would be really cool!   To my knowlege, since Bagful of Bagels closed, there is just nowhere to get a good bagel.

So, armed with a  set of fliker photos with instructions on how to use your mixer to make bagels I started out.  It seemed pretty easy.

After 45 minutes of mixing, I still did not have the described ball of dough.  It looked like this:

 At thi point I figured I really had nothing to lose, so I just started randomly adding gluten and bread flour.  And more gluten.  More gluten. Some bread flour.  A little more flour. More gluten.  Pretty soon I actually had a ball of dough, so I continued with the recipe, such that it was.  I shaped them, as best as I could with the stickyness.  Then boiled them (for too long it seems) and then baked them.

The entire process took 4 hours.  I KNOW!  Here’s the result:

More Fail
More Fail

If you look closely, you can see where there are uncooked middles, and they are just not that good.  However, Sean said he liked them, even with their problems, and I did eat two of them with cream cheese.  I now feel like I have rocks in my tummy.

Other than that, my weekend is basically over.  I still need to vacuum, but that’s it.  Walk the dogs, maybe. And then think about dinner.  All I’ve eaten today is bread and cookies, and so now I’m craving something good for me.



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    wheres smellovision when you need it…you got me a chuckling. Brave of you to try. Lob k

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    I think any recipe that involves gluten is too hard for a first thing. I actually made the bagels again, using the actual recipe, and they weren’t as good as when I made them using my failed pizza dough. So I’d recommend using the King Arthur Flour pizza dough recipe to either make pizza or to make bagels.

    And of course lots of cookies. You should make those with your mixer.

    I got into a bread-making frenzy after Eli was born, and made all kinds of good stuff from Bernard Clayton’s Bread Book, which has Kitchenaid-mixer-specific instructions. Very yummy results, esp. the oatmeal maple bread, which I had to stop making because it was just a vehicle for butter.

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    the Provident Woman:

    At least they look good.

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    With a little research and some help from Cooks Illustrated and King Authur Flour, I got a lot better at making bagels. I can now produce the best bagels I’ve ever had in Sacramento, so I’m happy.

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